guess whos back

This morning I went to feed the homeless right here in Louisville....
It was such a blessing to be able to be back in ministery. Thanks Amber for coming along and making it Epic!!


Praying..........need direction!


Annoyed today!

Thankful i don't suffer from Ostracism


God is amazing!

I know I'm really behind in blogging............and to my readers I'm truly sorry! Life has been soo busy and God has really been rockin my world!

I can not explain how much he has done for me b/c I would be here all day! I will say though that the ring that i was fighting in a few blogs's over! I have defeated the enemy!

And God has set me up with a plan that is bigger and even greater than I had ever imagined....but that's exactly how he works huh?
I just have to keep trusting in him and be patient with what he has given me and shown me!
It's so gonna rock your socks off once I tell everyone b/c it has totally rocked mine~!!! Stay tuned b/c it's only gonna get better!


Today I had a McDonalds cheeseburger and I don't feel guilty! It was soooo good.

Have you ever been sick, and had the coughs where you can't control them? I mean they are soooo bad like you take a drink, but still cough. Get a cough drop, but still cough. You think everything is okay and "cough" "cough" "cough" "cough" "cough", you even try to hold it in when someone comes around you. Man i know it sucks b/c that's exactly how I'm feeling today! A doctor came in to get results and as I'm getting them i started one of my spells, i coughed the whole time she was in here! Talk about embarrassing!


What I won't be doing?

As hard and painful as it was.....i had to delete Twitter from my phone today! It's just consuming tooo much of my time, and to be honest Twitter isn't really about "What you are doing?" anymore. It's has gone beyond that...for instance....... how far everyone has ran so far for the mini, how much people love each other, who had the latest poop, etc...I"M SOOO sick of hearing Consistency is the key to breakthrough..........breakthrough to what for heavens sake?? your running a mini Yes I'm guilty for not always putting "what i am doing" I won't be twittering as much.....especially not from my phone!(which is were all my main twittering comes from) Instead I will be putting my head in the books, working on my degree and putting all my extra energy in furthering my spiritual walk with God!
(and this wasn't written to offend anyone.........just simply to let everyone know why i won't be twittering)


Started going to the gym before work today.....lets see how long that will happen:) i'm not a morning person!

Also i'm sick today.......fever, cough, achy, nauseous,the whole nine yards! God is healing me though.


I'm in the ring......fighting hard!
The harder i fight, the more the enemy comes against me!

I will WIN!


It's all in his plan.


This journey that im on is looong